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Uptown IN Calhoun!!

Saturday July 22, 2006, at 4 p.m. morris standard time, we will gather at the intersection of Lake Calhoun Parkway and Upton Avenue South. Bring your hankies, a towel, and some clothes you don't mind getting totally soaked. We usually dance a few at whichever corner has good grass and enough audience. After that, we will travel via Uptown Processional to the shore of Lake Calhoun, and thence INTO the lake, there to dance until we run out of repertoire or energy. Groupies and photographers are welcome, of course. Lapsed dancers are entirely welcome. Lap dancers too, for that matter...

Members of U-on-C and Itasca R&M, and appropriate friends, are welcome at the potluck & sing. Details have already been sent via the email list.

Foot up!
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