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Cotswald time! Also, best photo ever?

I think this may be the best photo ever taken of our team while dancing. Naturally, it was taken by someone not of the morris community. Posted to my journal, placed here to share with everyone else. (c)Dave E. Romm, so don't swipe it. He's good people.

It's Cotswald time! The new season has begun, and we are practicing dances for spring and summer repertoire. We meet at Linden Hills Park these days, please check for details.

Repertoire plan is:
First taught will be Adderbury Blue Bells segueing into the Rose. Horsham Steamfitters and Rusper Pump will follow. These will be the only dances until May Day. From May Day
until the Ale we will learn Uptown Hamlet and Bustle in the Hedgerow (yes, for real this time). Over the summer we will work on variations of the above (Horsham Blue Bells and Shepherd's Hey, 2n variations of Hamlet, etc.)
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