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May Day festivities

As always, the Twin Cities morris dance community will
wake the sun on May 1st.

We dance on the banks of the
Mississippi at the intersection with 36th St, on the
Mpls side. The first dance steps off at 6:02 a.m.,
when we dance Abrams Circle for all who will.

For optimal parking, arrive at least 20 minutes prior.
Follow the sleepy folks in whites. Dress warmly, and
do please bring bells and hankies. Children, sweeties,
and well-mannered dogs are welcome! After Abrams,
there will be 60-90 minutes of show dances
interspersed with massed dances. Breakfast follows,
at The Egg & I on University Av., during which we
discuss the possible venues for the day.

In the evening, morris folks will gather again to
dance in downtown Mpls. The men's sides usually start
from the Library and dance southward. The women's
side starts around 12th and heads north. The mixed
side gathers at the Govt Center and zigzags westerly.
The plan is that all will meet at the IDS for show
dances and massed dances. We finish the day with pub
grub, at a venue yet to be named. Yes, kids too.

Please join us for some or all of the day!
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