aedifica (aedifica) wrote in uptownoncalhoun,

Community membership type change

Hey all, I've just noticed a surge of spambots joining low-traffic LJ communities and posting ads there--so I've changed uptownoncalhoun to moderated membership, which means all new members must be approved by a community maintainer. After this change we can still get comment-level spam, but no entry spam. :-)

Speaking of community maintainers, I'm currently the only maintainer on this community. If anyone else wants to be added as a maintainer, let me know.
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I think that's a fine decision for now.

Given that LJ seems to be sliding out of favor with many, does it make sense to keep the group active? I have posted 10 of the 17 entries in the community. The last time I did so was more than 2 years ago - the most recent entry before today.