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Fall/winter practices

We will be at our "home" space, Lake Hiawatha Park, beginning 9/29.
On alternating Thursdays, we will have a new practice space at Morris Park (how delightfully apt!), beginning 9/22.
Edit after gettin' skooled by Waterdusk!

From the U-on-C website:
Thursday 8 NO PRACTICE - break
Thursday 15 Team meeting at Don's house
Thursday 22 Border Season Starts at Morris Recreation Center - 7:15-9 pm run repertoire
Thursday 29 Practice - Lake Hiawatha Community Center 7:15-9 pm - 1st teaching

This will be the beginning of border Morris season. It's a very fine time to start learning Morris if you've always wanted to do that! Great time of year to bring guests, naturally.

This post is a reminder for U-on-C folks on LJ, but it's also an open invitation for anyone who reads our f-lists. Or perhaps it's a dare...

--J, phuulishly sunburned again
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